First floor: Women Secret

The Spanish brand producing women's underwear was founded in 1993. Woman's secret is included in group Cortifiel, which also owns brands Springfield, Cortifiel, Pedro del Hiero, Don Algodon and Duglas. The company operates in the field of textiles and today owns six factories of their own clothing. Brands Cortifiel represented in 22 countries . In Ispanii89 % of women wear underwear Woman's secret. Under the brand Woman's secret is produced lingerie , sleepwear, swimwear and clothing and clothing home to sleep. The brand is aimed at young girls. Feature of the brand is that in collections Woman's secret is represented not only lacy lingerie , but also multi-colored cotton underwear sports style , so popular with the girls - teenagers. In Russia Woman's secret brand brought the company Delta Sport. The first store opened in 2001.